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About Us

mIND oVER mAtter was founded by Aarron Johnson and La’Rue Abram in 2014. After years and years of seeing various preventable diseases affect their families, they wanted to show the world that being and staying healthy is of the essence. Their passion and drive to continually stay healthy drove them to seek further educationin multiple fields. After receiving numerous accolades, they realized that they had earned a wealth of information that they wanted to share with the world.

At mIND oVER mATTER we understand that where the mind leads, the body will follow. Minds have to be strong as well as bodies in order for transformations to take place and in turn changes to be successful. We are continuously evolving because we know you are as well. We have a variety of coaches and motivators with years of experience in their respective specialties. They not only prepare you for change, but will guide you through seamless transitions. Supplements and products are also available to make sure the body fully follows transition and is able to sustain the changes ahead.

Our individually tailored programs are geared for success. Make an appointment today so we can help you reach your optimal self.


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mIND oVER mATTER endeavors to provide ESP to each and every client. We will Encourage, Support and Push every client to achieve their optimal overall health.