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December 23, 20200

Work-related burnout is a serious problem that isn’t taken seriously enough. According to a survey by Deloitte, 91% of surveyed employees said that having unmanageable amounts of stress and frustration negatively affects the quality of their work and 83% said work-related burnout can negatively affect their personal relationships. Close to 70% of professionals believe their employers aren’t doing enough to alleviate burnout within their organizations and 21% said their organizations don’t offer any initiatives or programs to alleviate burnout.


May 28, 20190

Staying fit and maintaining weight is relatively easy up to a certain age. After that, it’s not so simple. Once you hit 40, you start experiencing significant muscle loss due to metabolism—around 3–5%. This is easier to manage if you’ve always exercised because having more muscle mass can increase latent metabolism. However, despite your former exercising habits, you’ll still experience a drop in metabolism every decade.

So how can you maintain your fitness once you’ve reached the age of 40?

Sleep Well

You may have irregular and uncertain sleeping habits during your youth but things change after you turn 40. You can no longer do away with only a few hours of sleep, you need a good rest! You’ll have to reevaluate your sleeping needs and see how far along you need to go in following the mantra, “early to bed, early to rise.” Fitness experts explain that the quality of sleep declines with age. This is mostly because of increased stress and hormonal changes in the body. They strongly recommend getting proper sleep of around 8 –9 hours to improve your immune system and reduce stress.

 Weight Bearing Exercises

Weight Bearing Exercises

Like we’ve mentioned before, you can lose too much of weight after 40 and too fast. Thus, it’s very important to incorporate weight training in your routine. The weight bearing exercises build muscles, maintain weight and bone density. Strength training is a great way to boost your resting metabolism. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, training at least twice a week on alternate days works best. Without including exercise in your weekly routine, you’ll suffer great muscle loss, poor metabolism and even run the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Balanced Diet

Nutrition coaches at mIND oVER mATTER also emphasize on the importance of a well-balanced diet in maintaining you fitness. They recommend a diet that has protein, small amounts of carbs, healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. If you exercise, you need to restore the calories you burn in a way that is beneficial for your body. You should try keeping the protein level a little high in your meals as it’s particularly helpful in preserving and building muscles.

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May 16, 20190

According to a recent research review, yoga can help prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. The review also suggested that yoga has shown to have a significant impact on body weight, levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. While aerobic exercise is more commonly related to the cardiovascular benefits, there’s actually not much difference between exercise and yoga. So if you prefer finding zen over hitting the treadmill, then go ahead! The benefits of yoga aren’t limited to just your cardiovascular health. Here’s how it can help you find inner peace as well:

Promotes Discipline

While the word discipline has more negative connotation, reminding us of how it often meant punishment in school, yoga provides discipline in a whole new light! As you start yoga, you feel this refreshing energy fill your soul and peace take over your mind. This feeling gets you hooked on to the activity, and you feel motivated to continue the practice. The more you engage in it, the more disciplined you feel.

Relieves Stress

The great thing about yoga is that it teaches you to live in the moment. This doesn’t mean that stress will magically stop affecting you, but as you continue practicing yoga, you’ll learn to deal with it better. Yoga pushes you to stay calm and find solace in acceptance. You learn to stop fighting that which can’t be changed, and start reacting to things more consciously. Yoga rids you of all the stress, exhaustion and chaos that cloud your mind, allowing you to take a breath of relief.

Improves Circulation



Similar to exercise, yoga makes your body stretch and thus, gets your blood flowing. The more you stretch, the more blood circulates throughout your body. In an often sedentary lifestyle, yoga can help improve the blood circulation that would otherwise remain ignored. You’ll notice that as you continue practicing yoga, you’ll be able to hold different postures for longer—an indication that your blood circulation is improving!

Promotes Compassion

All yamas have a strong belief in ahimsa, more commonly known as compassion. They strongly encourage the people to practice opening their heart and fostering deep feelings for those around us. The feeling of compassion allows us to feel one and makes us more receptive towards love. It helps us strive to keep an open heart even in challenging times, when it can be very difficult to show empathy.

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