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February 15, 20190

We pour in hundreds of dollars in buying an array of lotions and potions so that we can get that baby smooth, flawless skin. Clear, dewy, and radiant skin is the dream of many but you’re most not likely to find that dream on the bottom of a highlighter palette (although it does help get you the faux-dewy look). But you don’t need to spend a fortune on beauty treatments and makeup to get that perfect skin. A step-by-step beauty routine is what you need and remember: a little goes a long way!

Below are a few beauty tips that can help you perfect your skincare regime and help you get the dewy glow of your dreams!

Get At Least 7 Hours of Beauty Sleep at Night

Before we move on to what external steps you should take, remember that beauty comes from within. If you’re functioning on 3-4 hours of sleep every day, no amount of concealer or moisturizer is going to mask that tired face. They don’t call it ‘beauty sleep’ for no reason so make sure you’re recharging your body and getting the sleep your body deserves.

Stay Hydrated

When it comes to getting a clear skin, water is your best friend. It’s free, it’s always there, and it’s insanely effective. Water flushes out toxins from your body that cause skin imperfections such as acne or dullness. Make sure you’re drinking 3-4 liters of water every day to keep your skin soft and supple.

Stay Off Sugar

That chocolate muffin may look like the most scrumptious thing in the world but it can wreak havoc, not only on your waistline, but on your skin as well. Sugar can bring about premature aging because it stops collagen production. Collagen is what keeps your skin supple and radiant. Make sure you’re consuming a healthy diet to keep your skin energized.

Follow a Skincare Routine

Following a skincare routine daily is essential to making sure your skin stays picture-perfect. Depending on your skin type, clean your face twice daily so that the grime buildup on your face is washed off. The most basic skincare routine involves cleansing-toning-moisturizing. Wash your face with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Dab on some toner afterwards and then finish it off with some decent moisturizer.

Remember to Exfoliate!

Ideally, you should exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove the buildup of dead skin cells. Use a gentle face scrub and then exfoliate your face in tender, rhythmic strokes. A good exfoliation session will work wonders to reveal glowing skin beneath.


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