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April 14, 20190

Life is a journey that passes too quickly—sometimes, a lot faster than we realize. Along the way, we learn lessons that we later recognize would’ve helped us more had we known them before.

It’s true that life doesn’t come with a manual full of instructions, but we can always learn from others. Here are 5 life-changing lessons that you need to know before turning 30. With these lessons, you’re sure to find your life changing for the better!

Not Everything is Taught in School

We agree that school has a very important role in shaping our lives but here’s the thing: you won’t learn everything in school! There’s a lot that you’ll learn on your own—from personal experience, from meeting other people, from failures, etc. Long-term success is an overall result of formal education and self-education. There are some lessons you’ll learn over time and it’s okay not to know everything there is to know when you step into adulthood.

What People Think Doesn’t Matter

Another lesson you’ll learn along the way is that people’s opinions don’t always matter—what matters most is your own take on things. A lot of times, we pay far too much attention to what others think and end up in self-doubt and with low self-esteem.

Your goals, aspirations and opinions are unique just as other people’s are; so focus on your life and do what you want! You’ll realize in due time that people talk for a while but they eventually stop; so why pay heed to such things?

Life Isn’t Fair

Remember how Scar told Simba in The Lion King, “Life’s not fair, is it?” Well, that wasn’t just a dialogue some cartoon villain said to the main character—it’s a fact of life!

You’ll have many bitter experiences in life. You may meet many selfish people and have many unfair things happen to you—but, hey! That’s life! You won’t always understand why these things happen but it’s a part of life and all you can do to make it better is to accept it and make the most of it.

What’s important is that you learn to take responsibility for your actions and develop a helpful mindset. If you know how to deal with the bad and mean people, how to remain ethical in moments of ethical dilemma, and strive to be good despite the hardships you face; then whatever the result, you’re always a winner!

Failure is the Stepping Stone to Success

When we’re young, we somehow learn that failure is for losers and winning is all that matters but we’re here to tell you that failure is not so bad! It’s actually good for your growth! When you fail, you learn what doesn’t work and you can take corrective measures.

As long as you don’t stop pursuing your dreams and goals and as long as you don’t give up—failure will always bring you closer to your dreams. All you have to do is stay focused and keep going!

It’s Only Money

For a lot of people, money is all that matters; but when you grow old, you’ll learn that money isn’t everything! Sure it can buy you stuff, but it can’t buy you health and happiness.

As you move through life, try focusing on adding value—make a difference by contributing to the environment, by helping the needy, building healthy relationships and looking after the people you love. With time, you’ll learn that it’s only money.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and strive to give your best at whatever you do! Life is bigger than just success and failure, wealth and beauty!

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