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Life Coaching Overview

Life Coaching to help with health, wealth, fitness, stress and wellness

Coaching is a partnership to help you find ways with overall well-being, health and fitness. Finding unique ways to help you reach your optimal potential whether it is health or wealth, or saving time or your mind. Everyone has untapped potential waiting to be utilized. Our life coaches help to put you on the road to an even greater life

Cognitive coaching is done in a private office, via phone or Skype. Our life coaches are certified and have years of experience. Depending on your personal needs we will determine the right life coach for you.

Other areas that we focus on can include general life coaching, group sessions, stress relief, health coaching, fitness coaching, career coaching, habit changes, cognitive improvement, nutrition coaching, decisions coaching, habit change, business coaching, transitional coaching

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Specialties Include

  • Cognitive Comprehension-Learn how to “exercise” your brain for optimal brain power

  • Healthy Lifestyle 12-12– Transform your life with a combination of healthy lifestyle coaching, personal training and nutrition done over a period of 12 weeks (Our most popular package)

  • Credibility Calls– Coaching calls that are focused on working on “you” until we get it right and create success

Coaching Features

Cognitive Comprehension Coaching

Weekly sessions focus on clients that are beginning to lose focus and forgetting. When patients have cognitive decline, dementia, or Alzheimer’s then cognitive coaching should be done along with interactive cognitive sessions which will be done one-on-one hands on weekly. The interactive sessions which will not have a spouse/caregiver present as is done with the comprehension sessions. Initial commitment required is twelve weeks.

Credibility Calls

Weekly Calls to make clients accountable for how productive or unproductive their week was. Focus can be on life or career. Topics that can be discussed include:

  • What are you doing to be your BEST this week?

  • What have you changed this week in order to grow?

  • What objections did you face this week? How did you overcome them?

  • What obstacles did you overcome this week and how did you overcome them?

Skype Scenarios

Skype sessions are typically held once per week from the comfort of your home. Much like a traditional coaching call the topics can vary from relationship, career, stress reduction, fitness to almost any situation that comes up. Much is still expected from the client even though sessions are done via video telecommunication. Expect to have accountability and results.

Healthy 12-12

Giving the client the best of both worlds, life coaching and fitness. This program is designed to help the client live a long, healthy, prosperous life. To become more conscious of not only what is eaten, but also what is not eaten. To look at supplements and what the client takes to make sure they are doing good and not harm to themselves. To exercise on a regular basis, lose fat and build muscle. Whether the client needs to gain, maintain, or lose weight we will customize the program accordingly. Having a healthy heart works to keep a healthy mind. We want to optimize fitness for the body and the brain.