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You Are What You Eat

The saying “You are what you eat” has been around for what feels like forever. We know that if we want to achieve optimal health we need to be mindful of what we put in our bodies. We should eat to live and not live to eat. The more nutritious food we eat along with cruciferous vegetables will add to our lifespan. So if we truly are what we eat, lets strive to eat healthy. Our nutrition coaches will show you what you should and shouldn’t eat, while allowing you to have some of your favorite choices.

If you’re struggling to embrace a healthy diet then get in touch with our seasoned nutritionists. Our nutritionists have devised special meal plans that boost energy levels the natural way.

If you live in Palm Springs, contact us to get coaching on nutrition and healthy meal plans tailored to your needs.

Good Eating Habits Do Not Come Easy

Habits are hard to break, whether they are good or bad. When we want to develop good habits then we must put them into practice. Nutrition coaches will nudge you along and show you techniques that make each day easier to develop good eating habits. Working with you daily, weekly, or monthly to keep you accountable for the goals you are setting towards nutrition.

Nutrition Features

Food Diary

We want to calculate everything you eat with either a 3,5, or 7day complete food diary. We will analyze all the information to determine whether your body is getting everything it needs to be at optimal performance. When completing a food diary it will be important to look at typical eating behaviors.

Information that will be derived from the food diary will aid in other aspects of nutrition and help with supplementation if needed. Keeping an accurate record provides food for thought. Your nutrition coach will periodically review updated food diaries with you to keep you on track.

Types of Diets

The list of “diets” vary far and wide. In most cases, at mIND oVER mATTER, a set diet is not focused on. We believe that your diet must become part of your lifestyle and we want you to eat regular foods. With specific types of coaching, at times a special diet will be referred to in order to achieve better results. Just remember a diet is the food you eat. Our nutrition coaches will help you choose the right foods to make them part of your diet.

Meal Planning

Two of the top reasons why people do not eat healthy is due to not knowing what to eat and poor meal planning. Let our nutrition coaches take the guesswork out of what you eat. We offer extensive meal planning for what to cook at home. We also offer meal planning for dining out at fast food restaurants or casual dining. No longer will you not know the right thing to order because it will always be at your fingertips.


As much as you attempt to get all your nutrients from what you eat, there are times when you are still lacking in vital vitamins and supplements that your body needs. We have three powerful supplements to aid in different areas:

  • Cognitive Concentrate – Helps improve focus and cognitive function.

  • Muscle Builder – Assists muscle recovery and restoration all while helping you sleep at night.

  • Fit Formula – Promotes weightloss by boosting your metabolism and energy.