What We Do - Mindover Matter Coaches

We help clients with encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to reach optimal goals. This includes career advancement, emotional coaching, cognitive coaching, fitness coaching and business consulting.

Our Approach

We recognize that no two individuals are the same and that is why we develop customized programs. We have a diverse group of coaches and with decades of experience in their respective specialties. We not only prepare you for change but with help guide you through seamless transitions. Supplements and products are also available to make sure the body fully follows transition and can sustain the changes ahead.

Our Methods

We offer in person, phone, or video conferencing sessions. We also offer interactive one-on-one sessions and group sessions. For business consulting we are able to come worldwide to your office from 2-7 days for seminars, workshops, and one-on-one training. Business consulting focuses on employee retention, revenue generation and overall growth.

Our Goals

We look at your goals and help you to achieve them in a timely manner. As needs and concerns come up, we are able to easily shift directions to keep you on target to meet your goals. Your goals essentially become our goals.


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Functional Fitness
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