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May 24, 20190

Who doesn’t want glowing, flawless, skin? Nobody likes to have acne marks and zits on their face, but keeping these skin problems at bay requires more conscious effort. Celebrities like Ellen Pompeo and Jennifer Anniston swear by drinking lots of water to get that perfect-looking skin. And it makes sense—after all, 64% of your skin is water.

According to a study, 2.25 liters of water intake on a daily basis demonstrates change in skin density and thickness. Another study by the University of Missouri-Columbia suggested that drinking around 500 milliliters of water everyday increases blood flow to the skin. Here’s more on why keeping your skin hydrated is so important:

The Effects of Water on Skin

Water plays a rather important role in making your skin look plump and supple. On days when your water intake is less, you’ll notice that your skin appears more wrinkled, duller and the pores seem larger. Collagen is another major component of the skin which also requires water to work effectively. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely it is to break, crack and cause blemishes.

Water helps clean your skin and reduces the oil concentration under it, which in turn prevents breakouts. This is particularly important because if your water-to-oil ratio isn’t right, i.e. if there’s more oil on the skin’s surface, it can clog the pores. This is how you get breakouts.

Another important point to understand is that having lots of water one day will not make a permanent change in your skin forever. The water helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections like wrinkles but doesn’t get rid of them completely! Therefore, it’s important to maintain regular water intake if you want to keep it looking younger and fresher.

Other Ways to Hydrate the Skin

Hydrate the Skin

Many times, people confuse one way of skin hydration as a replacement for another. That’s incorrect! Drinking water does not free you from the responsibility of applying a moisturizer. A moisturizer is typically supposed to moisturize your skin, so that it doesn’t become dry and flaky. The water intake may not affect the outermost layers and you need moisturizer to make sure your skin is wholly hydrated. This internal and external hydration is a critical combination that’s important for beautiful, healthy-looking, skin.

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